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Dr. Pooja Tandel,  a highly accomplished medical professional, has made significant contributions to healthcare. Originating from Ummmarsadi, Machhivad, she excelled academically and professionally, earning her MBBS and MD Medicine from Government Medical College, Rajkot. Her passion for critical care medicine led her to pursue a Fellowship in Critical Care Medicine (FCCCM) at Lotus Hospital, Valsad.

Since 2017, Dr. Tandel has actively practiced medicine, gaining extensive experience in diagnosing and managing a wide range of medical conditions. She is currently a general physician at Vibrant Multi-Specialty Hospital, specializing in critical care for patients with complex needs.

Growing up in a village without educational institutions, Dr. Tandel overcame numerous challenges to fulfill her father’s dream of seeing her become a doctor. Her journey from a small village to a respected physician highlights her determination and perseverance. Committed to improving healthcare in rural areas, Dr. Tandel continues to inspire others with her dedication and contributions to the medical profession.

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